The Spanish CLEP Test – What is it?

Hola Pass the Spanish CLEPYou may be wondering what the Spanish CLEP test is and who can take this exam.  Most students who take this test are working towards a college degree.  Of  course not all people take college course just to get a degree, but more to enrich their lives with knowledge.

In this case, this CLEP test enables you to earn college credit for – you guessed it – Spanish language classes.  Every university is different, but some allow you to receive up to 12 credits towards your college diploma by passing the spanish clep.  There are almost 3,000 colleges and universities that participate in the CLEP program, so make sure to check with your schools’ testing departments to see if you can take advantage of these amazing exams.

The examination allows students to gain anywhere from two to four semesters worth of credit towards your foreign language requirements.  The language skills and knowledge tested are the equivalent of the first two years of a spanish language track.

The test of composed of three sections: two listening sections and one reading section.  There are about 120 questions to finish and each question is worth the same.

The listening comprehension sections should take about 30 minutes of your time but can vary according to the testing material.  The areas tested include the following:

  1. Approximately 15% of the material is based on listening to short oral interactions
  2. Approximately 25% of the material is based on longer stories, articles, narratives, conversations, or dialogues

The reading comprehension, vocabulary, and grammar section is worth about 60% of the credit on the exam and should take about 60 minutes to complete.  This will be where you prove your knowledge of spanish language by completing sentences, reading short paragraphs and completing missing words according to the context of the passage, and answering questions about longer paragraphs or series of paragraphs to test your reading comprehension.

Although it sounds like it may be difficult, you should not worry if you have any knowledge of the language.  If you learned spanish growing up at home, this test is perfect for you.  Or if you studied spanish in high school and think you still have it, than you are a perfect candidate as well.

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